Furniture System

Company Profile

Siam Steel International Public Company Limited

Six Decades of Success

Siam Steel International Public Company Limited, the listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, is part of Siam Steel Group which is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of steel products. Our businesses dated from 1953.

Proven Performance

The stability of the company has been proved with a 2005 Best Performance Award in the consumer products category from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Besides, Forbes has also included Siam Steel International Public Company Limited in its Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion list.

International Quality & Environment Care

We have attained ISO 9001, ISO14001, TIS/OHSAS 18001 and ISO50001 certificates, as well as CSR-DIW (Corporate Social Responsibility), Carbon Footprint for Organization and Green Industry Level 3 (Green System).

We also have been approved to use the Thailand Trust Mark logo and Green Label on our products as reliable exporter and manufacturer.

Wide - Ranging Products
Steel and Wooden Furniture (loose and built-in); "Lucky", "Kingdom", "Okamura", "Chitose", "Siamsteel" and "Pilot"

We have over 20,000 designs that fall into the following categories :-

  • Cabinets, Lockers and Combine Furniture System
  • Partitions
  • Others such as furniture for stadiums including bleachers and folding stages.
  • Desks & Tables
  • Safes
  • Chairs
  • Shelving System
Prefabricated Building ; "LUCKY" Hi-tech Building System

We, in collaboration with overseas specialists, have continuously developed prefabricated building under the “LUCKY” Hi-tech Building System with the following categories :-

  • Permanent Buildings ; such as business hotels, convenience stores, showrooms, etc.
  • Temporary Buildings ; such as mobile offices, mobile clinics, kiosks, mobile toilets, etc.
  • Special Buildings ; specifically designed for each usage such as telecom shelters, warehouse units, soundproof rooms, etc.
Special Products such as
  • Flood Protection Panel and related products
  • Smart Wall System
  • Steel Structure Solution
  • Bulletproof Security Products
  • Bathroom Pods
  • Building materials such as Doors, Staircase, etc.
  • Earthquake & Seismic Retrofit
Commitment to Endless Product Research and Development

Siam Steel International Public Company Limited keeps devoting resources to the research and development of products in order to provide worldwide customers with utmost benefits and meet all demands without any limitation.